About Jordan

Jordan is an accomplished Software Architect, Team Lead and Developer. He is available on a consulting basis and services clients throughout the United States on a primarily telecommuting basis.

Jordan is a specialist at Framework Design, High Performance Software Architecture, Database Design and Optimization, and related activities.

He primarily performs work on the C#/.NET platform.

An Expert in OOP Design, Jordan has been working in OOP Technology since 1983.

In 1989, Jordan created the first commercial GUI Builder for any OO System, the Tigre Programming Environment for Smalltalk. As CEO, Jordan oversaw a team of 15 employees with revenues exceeding $1MM/year. Customers were mostly “Global 1000″ including Pac Bell, General Dynamics, Mitsui Bank and more.

Aside from OOP, Jordan is accomplished High Performance Software specialist, with an emphasis on real time, media processing for professional and consumer applications.

In his spare time Jordan enjoys spending time with his Wife and 2 cats. Jordan is a multi-instrumentalist and plays guitar, keyboards and percussion. His an avid cyclist and golfer.

Please contact jordan at jordan.bortz@gmail.com

       Dr. Zaius

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