Losing space on Drive C? Check your WER ReportQueue

I had been losing space on Drive C for awhile and it seemed odd to me as I rarely store things on Drive C, therefore the space should not be going down.

It ended up I had 255 GB (!) of files stacked up in the Windows Error Reporting Service queue in C:\programdata\microsoft\windows\wer\reportqueue

Definitely worth checking from time to time if you have apps that crash a lot and use Windows Vista.

To find out more about this subject, as well as instructions to disable it entirely, please see this link



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13 Responses to Losing space on Drive C? Check your WER ReportQueue

  1. steve says:


  2. Jordan Bortz says:


  3. dazza says:

    how can you disable these logs…i dont want them!

  4. Sebastiao Amaro says:

    Hello Jordan,
    I have the same problem in my Windows Server 2008. The folder C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue has its size increasing all time. I was looking for a definitive solution and didn´t find yet. I stopped the Windows Error Reporting Service and the problem still occurs. I made a change in the registry to tell WER to save its files in another partition, but it didn´t work. So much bad!

    Another folder (C:\Windows\WINSXS) has an incredible size of 8 GB. And the worst is that I found that it´s not safe to delete the contents of that folder.

    Do you have new comments about it?

    • Jordan Bortz says:


      As far as disabling them — see the link in the post above.

      As far as WinSXS it seems that’s the new dll cache for windows…those files would benefit greatly from compression, so changing the folder to a compressed folder would probably help somewhat…


  5. Mike says:

    Found how to clear these.

    Control Panel
    System and Security
    Action Center
    (left panel) View archived message

    This will list all of these reports and give you the options of clearing them one at a time, or a button to Clear All.

  6. i Think my Way Is Easier
    First Go To Control Panel And open Part Problem Report and Solution And Select Link Advanced Setting To These Page You Can Disable Thes Reports.

  7. Jonny Grill says:

    Thanks for the help
    my VPS hade 16gb of logfiles and i dident know why

    how do i know what app that is doing all errors ?

  8. Roger says:

    In Windows Vista Business you can delete these files at Control Panel / System and Maintenance / Problem Reports and Solutions / View problem history. Highlight the boatloads of old problems you no longer care about, right-click and choose Delee.

  9. Hi i have a similar problem
    how do i find the error source ?


  10. Jay says:

    Yes, thank you VERY much. Our Windows 2008 server had this problem, and had 80GB of log files. We had a non-critical service that was failing for months without our knowing, so I wouldn’t suggest disabling. I would simply set up some sort of disk space monitoring, and add checking this path to your toolkit, as it may actually serve useful in circumstances such as this.

  11. smeezekitty says:

    I was almost out of disk space and discovered that ReportQueue was taking over 3 GB.
    I came here to find out if it is safe to delete it and I am under the impression that it is.

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