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C#, WPF, Android, Architect, Developer, Consultant, Project Manager available for remote/telecommute assignments

C# Developer/Architect Telecommute

I am available for Telecommute C# Projects… Experience in all areas of C#/WPF including LINQ, WCF, WPF, Silverlight and more. Based in San Diego California. Please email me at for more information

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Spaghetti, Ravioli, or Lasagna Code?

In a comment on another blog site I had written: Poor programmers create spaghetti code. Average/Good/Agile programmers create “ravioli” code… Thousands of little objects. Architects (especially ones that plan more over longer time frames) create the ideal: Lasagna code, which … Continue reading

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A Flattened Cost of Change Curve: An economic analysis

Much has been written about how a lowered cost of change curve is a benefit. And it certainly is a benefit. However, change is still costly, in terms of both time and money, even with this lowered cost of change. … Continue reading

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Getting 24p/5:5 Pulldown from DVD, Netflix, and Cable on your 120Hz or 240Hz TV

How to get cinematic motion playback on your 120Hz or 240Hz from DVD, Netflix, Broadcast and other sources without having to buy any new hardware. Continue reading

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Losing space on Drive C? Check your WER ReportQueue

I had been losing space on Drive C for awhile and it seemed odd to me as I rarely store things on Drive C, therefore the space should not be going down. It ended up I had 255 GB (!) … Continue reading

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Minimize Data Transformations to Achieve Higher Performance

Often times, applications are created with an emphasis being placed on shortness of development time; performance is not looked at until fairly late in the game, and at that point rectifying the situation can and often does prove costly in … Continue reading

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