Senior Mobile Architect, Developer, Team Lead, Manager

I specialize in Mobile (Android) and Windows (WPF/C#) development.

I have worked on over 7 mobile apps with downloads ranging from the 10s of thousands to millions.

o Proven track record of achieving on time and on budget completion of software development tasks

o Broad and Deep Expertise in all areas of Software Development, richness of experience

o Over 15 years in professional software development, most of which have been in Object Oriented disciplines

o Able to provide expertise to companies needing my level of talent on a telecommute basis; clients served on this basis include Best Buy, Microsoft, Plantronics, Creative Labs, Applied Materials, Sun Microsystems and many other well known and startup companies…

Primary Technologies include Android, C#, .NET, REST, JSON, Eclipse, Android Studio, SQL and more.

Please feel free to email at

I work with clients on a mostly telecommuting/remote bases for clients located in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Seattle, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Carlsbad, and many other parts of California.

Specialties: Android, C#/.NET 4.0, 3.5 WPF,, WCF, MVVM, retrofit, rxjava, JSON, Entity Framework, Xamarin, Eclipse, Windows Forms, Web Services, DirectX/DirectShow, Audio, Video, and Image Processing, Remoting, Win32, ADO.NET, vizrt, XML, Smalltalk, SqlServer, mySQL, Windows XP, Linux, WPF, SilverLight, Ajax, Telecommuting, Remote Development

My clients have included companies such as GoPro, Creative Labs, Plantronics, Applied Materials, as well as startups and Medium sized companies…

I am available for both full time engagements for both onsite and remote (virtual/telecommute) assignments.

I use tools such as Java, Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio, rxjava, picasso, retrofit etc.

I am open to opportunities in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, San Jose, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, Carlsbad, Encinitas and San Diego as long as they can performed on a telecommuting basis/remote basis or are within a reasonable commute range of Encinitas, California.

Please email me to get in touch or request the latest version of my resume.

Please keeep scrolling to read the full version of my resume 🙂

Jordan Bortz
San Diego, California
US Citizen


  • Seasoned Architect, Developer and Team Lead
  • Focus on Mobile, Desktop, and Back End/Cloud Projects
  • Additional Focus on Scalability, Web Services, Middle Tier Logic, Rich Client Front Ends, Multimedia technologies, Object Oriented Design andArchitecture
  • Full SDLC life cycle, Traditional, Agile, Post-Agile/Hybrid
  • Operate on a mostly Telecommute/Remote basis



Architect/Consultant/Team Lead Jordan Bortz Consulting

  • Successfully Delivered Mission Critical Mobile, Desktop, and SAAS applications
  • Architected and Managed the development and delivery of numerous Mobile, Web, and Shrink Wrapped products
  • Established Strong Best Practices and protocol for development and testing
  • Solved critical Performance and Scalability issues on Mobile, Desktop, SAAS and other platforms

My Clients Include:


Recent Projects Summary:

Lead architect and developer for innovative mobile incentives provider. Leading the design of full stack architecture involing Mobile, Web, and Web Service endpoints with SQL backend. Technologies include Android, Rest, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, Entitity Framework (3+ months contract — current).

Android Team Lead for consumer facing and merchant facing payment applications. Took over lead development tasks for Android based POS solution using Restful webservices hosted on AWS as well as Fragments. Led integration effort for iBeacon based incentives on a 6 person team. (6 months contract for GoPago)

Created MP4 Movie trimming toolkit for the GOPRO Smarty application, which also provides remote control of the GOPRO camera on a team of 3 developers. Available On the Android App store as “GOPRO Smarty”

Enhanced stability across multiple android devices and android versions, as well as adding new features for the QR barcode reader and Video Player app, “PS Video” from American Greetings, available on the Android App Store.

Architected and Led development of Tablet based Kiosk solution. This solution addresses the needs of voters in local and national elections. A key component of this application is accessibility, servicing the needs of voters that require tech to speech and other accomodations. This application is in C#/WPF/.NET and targets the microsoft Surface platform with a team of 5. (5+ months contract for Democracy Live)

Architected and Developed Android 4.0 application for the Wireless Market. This application replaces the existing User Interface on a Carrier Grade Cell Phone Signal Analyzer widely used by Verizon, etc. This application supports real time graphing, data logging, configuration, analysis and playback capability, and interfaces via USB and Wifi. (6+ Months)

Architected and Developed WPF Application for Broadcast Industry for on-air compositing of 2d and 3d animations. Utilizes VS 2010, C# 4.0,
WPF, MVVM, 3rd party controls, socket communications , Viz Engine (5 Month Project for Panasonic)

Enhanced stability across multiple android devices and android versions, as well as adding new features for the QR barcode reader and Video
Player app, “PS Video” from American Greetings, available on the Android App Store.

Architected and Developed Android based Application for the video Kiosk market. This product runs on the Android TV platform and allows
customers to browse and view content from a local video cloud. The application is controlled by a custom USB controller and utilizes the
latest features provided in the Android 3.1 platform. Back end is C#/WCF and Sql Server. (3 month Project)

Architected and Developed WPF Tablet Based B2C app for a major electronics retailer. This product allows customers to select products and
technology solutions and calculates lease payments and other financial data to be used by the business and Purchaser. (3 Month project for

Rearchitected Systech’s Internet Gateway product Suite. Created Multiple Server and Client Components for the RPA Gateway for Home Control,
Industrial, and POS Terminals to access shared services. Solved critical scalability and performance problems. C# .NET 3.5, Windows Forms,
Linq, Linq to Sql, Asynchronous Socket I/O, SSL, Ado.NET, WCF,,, , Ankh Svn, and SQL Server 2008 (18 month project)

Architected and Developed Custom Editing framework for rich media applications in WPF and XAML, utilizing C#/.NET 3.5, Direct3D, Visual
Studio, Expression Blend, Custom Controls, User Controls, DependencyProperties (6 month project for IntegrityWare)

Architected and Developed Grid Computing platform for high performance 3D Model Translation comptational farm used by top Movie Studios and
Animation Studios utilizing WCF , Winforms, C#/.NET 3.5, SqlServer 2005/2008, Visual Studio (5 month project for IntegrityWare)

Converted a large application used by the Automotive industry from to C#. Added new functionality and migrated components from the
older WinForms architecture to the more modern WPF technology using MVVM. (4 month contract for Mitchell)

CTO for SaaS online Video Company now owned by VBRICK. Architected and Developed new public API, Back End and Front End. Managed external
development resources. Managed Vendor relations. Solved major performance and video transcoding issues. Managed deployment of Server farm.
ASP.Net 2.0, Web Services, SqlServer 2000, Visual Studio, SVN, on2 Flash Encoder API, C#, Visual Studio, Flash, FMS (6 month project)

Initiated and Developed high volume database backend for, one of the top 125 most accessed sites on the web handling hundreds
of millions of page views per week. Set up clustering and failover for 4TB of data utilizing mySQL, Linux, Smalltalk, C#/.Net 2.0, Visual
Studio (5 month project for

Expanded Public Web Site and Enhanced Back End Workflow and Processing for Created back end batch modules for fulfillment of
share purchases; integrated back office systems with Fed Ex systems; updated electronic Payment system to use latest API; revamped AJAX
front end to ease accessibility and compatibility, using ASP.Net 2.0, AJAX, HTML, Pay Pal, Visual Studio (5 month project for

Created High Volume, B2B SaaS/SOA architecture to manage customer support requests using SOAP/XML for Covad, a large telecommunications
company, utilizing Java, SAX, Oracle and Solaris (5 month Project for Covad Communications)

Innovated numerous high-performance, real time signal processing alogorithms and end products utilizing advanced Audio DSP, Image, and
Video Processing, for Plantronics, Creative Labs, and others, utilizing C++, MFC, Win32, DirectShow/DirectX, VST, C#/.Net 2.0, Managed C++
(8 months, Plantronics; 4 months, Creative Labs, 10 months, Object Productions 2 years)

Led Development of Windows Forms based Line of Business Application for Shorenstein, a large Real Estate Firm. Created Overall Database
Form Architecture and all Master and Detail Forms as well as validation and other Logic, utilizing Windows Forms, .NET 2.0, C#, Visual
Studio, Sql Server, Telerik and Infragistics controls for SMI (6 month project)

Implemented SalesForce.Com integration for ADP to allow their sales team members to have their leads automatically propagate upon sales
district changes; Utilizing SFDC API, .Net 2.0, Web Services, Visual Studio

Consulted as Subject Matter Expert to Microsoft for their latest .NET 3.5 Certifications

Frequently was able to implement the mission critical components that other developers had been unable to deliver

Android 4.0+, 2.2+, 3.0+, Eclipse, C#, .NET 4.0, 3.5, 2.0, WPF, WCF, XAML, LINQ, MVVM, MVC, SDLC, Windows Forms, Web Services, Silverlight, VB.NET,DirectX, DirectShow, Audio, Video, and Image Processing, Remoting, Win32, ADO.NET, Java, IIS, JSP, XML, SqlServer 2005-2008R2, mySQL, Windows XP, Vista,

Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2003-2010, VB6, Classic ASP, HTML, AJAX, JSON, REST, Linux, Red Hat, Ubuntu, SVN, TFS, SDLC, SourceGear,
Perforce, Oracle, Sybase


  • Excellent Communicator; able to discuss technical concepts to a wide variety of stake holders including non technical managers and Senior
  • Creative and Effective problem solver
  • Comes up to speed quickly on new technologies/applications

Majored in CS at Carnegie-Mellon University, GPA 3.8


Multi-instrumentalist and Audiophile; proficient on Piano, Guitar, Synth, Drums and Percussion

Avid Golfer, Hiker, and Cyclist

Published Photographer and Videographer


Experienced Telecommuter effective at working Virtual/Remote; have clients throughout the US including San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Irvine, Orange County and more


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